Chimp was born of a magnetic decision. This is particularly important for us because not all decisions in life can or should be rational. Objectively, what gave us confidence was our past experience in Environment and Information Sytems, either in the government sector or the private sector, with an important link to the academic environment.


Additionally, we take one thing for granted: a business plan cannot work without attitude, dedication, humility, as well as without the valuable learning from own mistakes coupled with irreplaceable karma or luck, as you may wish to call it. It is the combination of these variables that we strive daily to internalize, being aware that this is not easy but, for now, it seems to be the way forward.


Our area of focus is the Environment, particularly in the field of Water and subsidiary matters. It´s our element and the base from where we spin to other different business areas such as innovation, consultancy and development of information systems.


Why Chimp?

Communication is an important aspect of modern times. Both within the organizations or in their relation with the outside world, communication has been adding layers of complexity in form and content. In some extent, technology has been blamed for this process. At Chimp we believe that, although the technology is irreplaceable, one must go back to simplify the methods, humanize the process of communication, creating communication environments without obstacles and somehow demystify decision-making and strategic thinking processes. In this regard, the Chimp philosophy is a reflection of our state of mind.

Chimp Attitude Officer

Theo Fernandes